Kinetic Sculpture Now at River House

  |     |   Broad Ripple, Community Announcement

Have you noticed our mesmerizing art piece outside of our leasing center? This gorgeous, kinetic sculpture was the first piece of artwork resulting from the Public Art for Neighborhoods Ordinance from the Arts Council of Indianapolis, and we are very pleased with the outcome!

The piece is named “Zero Series” and comes from the famous artist, Anthony Howe. When looking for an art piece to add, we were hoping to add a kinetic sculpture, and Anthony is known as one of the best in the world, so it was a perfect match. This particular piece is wind-driven and is situated outside of River House on the northeast corner of Riviera Drive and Westfield Boulevard, constantly moving and captivating the eyes of everyone that walks by on the Monon Trail.

We are lucky to have a popular art piece in our neighborhood for us to enjoy every day. If you haven’t taken a moment stop by, come check out “Zero Series” today.

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